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What Type of Book is This?

Ah, so that's a bloody novelette!?

I was watching a Joanna Penn YouTube video where she was interviewing Alan Baxter ( Aug 21, 2016 ). The video was called

How to Write Short Stories That Sell With Alan Baxter.

In that video Alan breaks down the word count that defines whether a book is a short story, novelette, novella, or novel as defined by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Here they are:

Short Story is 7,500 words

Novelette is 7,501 up to 17,500 words.

Novella is 17,501 up to 40,000 words.

Novel is anything over 40,001 words.

YA fiction usually runs between 40,000 and 60,000 words.

Adult fiction is generally 70,000 and he said Publishers usually look at ones from 80,000 to 120,000 words.

I was curious as to what my books word count was so I took a peek to see where they fell:

94,781 words - Novel

12,580 words - Novelette

5,851 words - Short Story

4,153 words - Short Story

21,128 words - Novella

23,935 words - Novella

21,416 words - Novella

18,762 words currently

78,595 words -Currently

Write on!

Jerrimiah Stonecastle

Stonecastle Publications

"Throwing Stones at a Glass House"

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