The 27 Steps

This will be the first of a series of blogs which I will fondly call "How I did it by Jerrimiah Von Stonecastlestein" lol

I will illustrate my thought process as I worked through the outline of each chapter which took 9 months to complete.

Chapter 1 First Victim

I wanted to have Frankenstina (Gaberdeen Hallstrom) come into the world like a storm. What would be more fitting than a blizzard. I also wanted her to be born innocent but at the same moment "evil incarnate" without it being obvious. Thus the killing of her mother during child birth.

I also wanted to set the stage for the abuse she would endure for years at the hands of her father, David Hallstrom. I did this by illustrating the almost psychotic love he had for her mother, Wilma, and how her death sent him over the edge. A sadistic, violent, drunkard he was until he laid eyes on her, but returned when she passed.

Frankenstina's accelerated growth had to be explained so I incorporated it into the backstory. This will set the foundation for when she hits a height of 7 feet and weight of 350 pounds.

I also get to introduce key characters:

Carol & Robert Brunson, Gaberdeen's aunt and uncle.

Sheriff Gregory Brown

Sam and Bo Hallstrom, Gaberdeen's uncles and just as wild and not too far behind her father in brutality.

Reverend George Pinter and the Pinter family is introduced. I had to show how David won such a delicate flower by highlighting the demons of her father.

This first chapter I knew was going to have a lot of backstory but I wanted it to flow in such away as to keep the reader engaged cerebrally. Towards the end of the chapter I had it build slowly into an emotional and violent crescendo in order to have the reader turn the page to Chapter 2.

How did I do?

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