That First Chapter "Ugh!"

You would think that after my 17th novel, getting started with a new manuscript would be a piece of cake...NOT1

Never Whistle in the Houe is proving to be the book I've always feared would turn up. The title came with ease. As did the synopsis, outline, and cover design. But this first chapter is proving to be one to test my metal. I've never struggled in the past to get through the first chapter let alone the first few paragraphs. But here I find myself over a week later and I've only completed the first 4 pages of Chapter 1.

I've gotten up and done jumping jacks, stood on my head for an hour, drank two gallons of coffee and the "zoom" is not there yet.

But one thing I've learned from listening to videos from experienced authors and that is: this too shall pass. I just have to be patient and then I'm confident the book will unleash itself.


Throwing Stones at a Glass House!

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