Stonecastle Unleashed

Who would have thought two years ago, that my company which only had two titles publish, would now have 183 titles and drafts

The product line is growing so fast, and average of two titles per day, I've had to break up Stonecastle Publications into five groups or divisions.

The Tower The Throne Room The Dungeon The Queen’s Chambers The Courtyard

You might be wondering how I intend to publish so many titles before I turn 150. My plan right now is to start publishing 2 to 3 titles per month after I complete Frankenstina. Next year I plan to start adding and utilizing ghost writers to my team so that production can be sped up without a loss of quality (or sanity)

The Tower

This group will produce books of apocalyptic, philosophical and religious genres. Also included in this group will be motivational and self help topics.

The Throne Room

Political, justice and current social concerns will be developed in this group.

The Dungeon

This group will be responsible for the horror, Sci-Fi, mystery and crime drama genres.

The Queen’s Chambers

This is where romance and erotica will be produced. Where else? 😋

The Courtyard

Last but not the least, comedic relief and children’s books will be found in this section.

I hope that you guys and girls are signing up for my mailing list. I will be sending emails out to let you know when new books will be released, free giveaways, and where I will be show casing my books.

Stonecastle Publications “Throwing Stones at a Glass House”

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