Steven King, John Carpenter and I are not Insane! (We're just misunderstood)

I think we are products of our childhood indoctrination and our natural, internal fortitude. The shows and movies we watched in our youth, that made other's scream and cringe, did not make us run for cover.

In fact it made us anxious to see who would win the conflict...the monster or the man.

I will admit, there were times when the shock of the terror waited to invade my peaceful sleep in the form of nightmares. But even then, once I realized they were nightmares, I would have fun with them by slapping the monster around, or torturing it so badly, that onlookers in my dream would be pleading for mercy for the monster. On those occasions I would then go and slaughter all the onlookers. Ok, that might be a wee bit abby normal lol.

I remember those family nights, when the family gathered around with jiffy popcorn. I loved the way the screen made my older sisters jump and scream. It was like payback for all the beatings they gave me when my

parents weren't around.

Sometimes when my monsters would visit me in my dreams I would point them to my sisters bedrooms with a sales pitch that they were much more juicier than my bony butt.

My sisters could never understand why I was so disappointed to see them at breakfast the next day lol.

Back in those days it was not uncommon to hear movie goers remark, "The book was much better than the movie." That showed you the talent that the author had to instill that terror on the page for the reader.

Those masterpieces will forever be imprinted on my psyche. I can only hope to honor the greats by continuing in their "hand prints."

"I want to suck your blood"

This creature said a word but that repetitive "monster scream" still resonates in my ears five decades later.

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