She's Coming Back!

I thought I would list some of the FAQ's I get about the first book FRANKENSTINA before the release of the sequel.


How tall is Frankenstina?

Ans. 6'9 over 7 feet with her goth boots on.

How much does she weigh?

Ans. 325-350 pounds

How fast can she run?

Ans. 2 minute mile

How old was she when she got her first taste for killing?

Ans. Age 6

Who was her first victim? Ans. Technically her mom in labor.

Does she have any siblings?

Ans. NO

Is she a mindless aberration like Shelly's Frankenstein?

Ans. No. Frankenstina has an I.Q. over 200.

How many victims are in book 1?

Ans. 27

How many books are in the series?

Ans. 4

Are Gaberdeen and April lesbian lovers?

Ans. That is a mystery that you will have to draw your own conclusion to.

Is Gaberdeen a result of her Grandfather raping her mom?

Ans. That's a conclusion you'll have to draw for yourself.

When does Frankenstina Reborn launch? Ans. Halloween October 31, 2019

Does she die in the second book?

Ans. You want a spoiler?

Jerrimiah Stonecastle

Stonecastle Publications LLC

"Throwing Stones at a Glass House"

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