Okay! So I lied.

On Friday, I made a vow (on my Facebook page) that I, Jerrimiah Stonecastle, was going to buckle down and do two 4,000 word count days on Saturday and Sunday...


Do I feel guilty about not getting any further on Saturday than opening up my manuscript, staring at it for about two minutes, and then closing it to go wash my car? Not really. Because I know from experience that if the feeling for "me" to write is not there, I can't force it to show up. So I didn't. I went about my merry way of visiting Walmart to buy corona virus panic supplies that were all out. After that I decided to go and check out some new eyeglass frames. (I guess I wanted to look cool with new specs while staring at a blank screen.)

The good news is that on Sunday, after I had breakfast and 3 cups of coffee, the desire to write returned. It was no where near 4,000 words, however they were 683 words of high value to the ending of the chapter 7 and the introduction of chapter 8.

So once again, it's not the quantity that matters; it's the quality.

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