Okay, I'll Bite!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I've decided to work on two books just to see if I could. The first book is the romance one "Seventeen & Seventy" I was in the middle of chapter 5 when I purchased the cover image for INVITED. The picture was so compelling I had to start writing the series.

I've never started writing a book without a complete outline before, but this time I did having only outlined the first chapter. Was I bitten? Or did I just want to hold on to the moment so that the intensity of the visual effect doesn't disappear? I think it's the latter.

So far, it's been three days since I wrote the last word on Seventeen & Seventy. I hope to get back to it over the upcoming spring break.

As far as invited, I completed Chapter One and the complete five-chapter outline. I'm not used to writing short books like this but since this is a series I felt the need to do so. They will probably be no more than 150-page books.

Jerrimiah Stonecastle

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