Never Whistle Book II

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Never Whistle in the House II is the second sequel that I've written. It was fun writing this one. The first sequel (Frankenstina Reborn) was not fun. It was more like work, and I hate when writing feels like work. However, I feel the same gratification when it's completed.

Never Whistle in the House picks up where the first book ends tragically. Faustus Sala's daughter comes of age and becomes heir to the Faustus Fortune. But that's not all she inherits.

She also inherits the Faustus Curse!

I didn't use my corkboard much. That's why you see so much free space. I did the outline on my computer and worked off it from there. I found it easier to do it that way because I was in lazy mode, lol.

The book cooperated for the first three chapters, and then it started to write itself. It stayed within the outline framework, but it added a few twists that I had not thought of previously. It was a joy to include them.

When I wrote the closing scene, the book didn't think it had enough pizzaz, so it boosted it up with some fillers. I loved it.

Will there be a Never Whistle in The House III? My lips are sealed :)

Jerrimiah Stonecastle


Stonecastle Publications LLC

"Throwing Stones at a Glass House"

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