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Hugh Howey = Inspiration

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was at work last night and was watching an interview conducted by Tom Corson-

Knowles of Hugh Howey and my desire to become a full time, self published author, was taken to the next level. I actually didn't think my passion could get any higher until I watched his interview in awe.

I loved how he said a 40 page book enabled him to quit his "day job". Don't we all want that?

I also loved what he said about not having to worry about if the Traditional Publisher (TP) will like his book...he puts it out to the readers and let them determine if it will be a success. He also said publisher will sometimes pick up the book but he doesn't look for them because he does "BETTER" as a self publisher.

He probably prefers it because traditional publishers give a 10-15% royalty whereas self publishers get 70%. Plus you can dictate the price of your book. However, at the same time you have to handle cover design, marketing, editing, and promoting. At least until you can afford to have a team that does the peripheral stuff for you.

Write on!

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