Frankenstina Cast Lineup

These are the folks I could see playing the characters in the film version of the book. Tell me what you think of my choices.

Gwendoline Christie as Gaberdeen Hallstrom

The 6'3" Game of Thrones star was my first choice.

The second runner up was Zoe Bell 5'8" star of Death Proof, although she would have to wear heels or have her knees extended.

Hulk Hogan as David Hallstrom. At 6'7" tall he definitely can play the 6'5" character with ease. Of course we would have to use makeup to shave off 20 years. He's 65 now.

Melissa McCarthy would of course be perfect for Aunt Carol Brunson if she was only 8 inches taller. She's only 5'3 and the character is 5'11 and 200 plus pounds. But there's nothing Hollywood can't do. But this is the look.

Ioan Gruffudd aka Mister Fantastic as Robert Brunson is perfect at 6'0 inches. I guess you're starting to see a pattern here. Yup...height is important in this book.

Sheriff Gregory Brown was a no brainer. John Goodman.

Talk about a godsend. I came across this photo when I was picking an image for Ms. Vivica A. Fox to play FBI Special Agent Juanita Chase. Although the 54 yr old actress is only 5'7 instead of the preferred 5'10" I believe she has another 3 inches of kick ass in her to complete the task in Frankenstina. (Spoiler Alert)...Juanita Chase will break off into a series of 8 books...shhh...secret.

Queen Latifah, age 48 and standing at 5'10 and 200 pounds would give Frankenstina a good fight. She would need to tone up though because Juanita Chase is an in shape, black-belt martial artist. Still she's a perfect alternate.

Blair Underwood as Malik Hammonds is perfect. The 54 year old actor, standing at 5'11 would be a good fit.

Quentin Tarantino has to play Sam Hallstrom at 6'1 tall. He can definitely play a psychopathic cop hater (circa Dusk to Dawn performance). Plus he's my hero.

Kurt Russel is my pic for Bo Hallstrom. He may not have the height at 5'11 (all the Hallstrom clan men are over 6 feet...shoot...all the women too lol) but he has the look!

Judge Jedediah Bromel has to be played by the 81 year old Mills Lane. I didn't realize that he had played a TV judge and that he was a real life Nevada District Court Judge. How awesome!!

Eva Peterson has the perfect look and height 5'9" to be Gabby's bestie April Giddens. Backstory: because she was teased because of her height when she was younger, this is why she came to Gabby's rescue.

Who better to play an anal retentive FBI Director Horace Worthington than the man Ray Liotta? Nobody (flash back to Falling Down/Silence of the Lambs movies)

Jason Momoa as the fall guy John Strong. I couldn't pick a better fit. At 6'4 he has the height and the look to be set up by Gaberdeen.

Zach Hopkins as Pete "Bubba" Lahey is a 6'1", good looking heart throb for Juanita to take advantage of sexually!

Maisie Williams age 21 with the help of makeup and special effects could play a young Gaberdeen. Her wide forehead has a similar look.

Well maybe not that much but I think she could pull it off!

Anthony Anderson can play Tyson Hindricks...too bad he has to die.

Ty Simpkins can play a young Daniel Hagan

This is the short list of the all star cast!

Jerrimiah Stonecastle

Stonecastle Publications

"Throwing Stones at a Glass House"

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