On February 23, 2018...I did!

This is the synopsis I came up for the Syfy fiction novel "Ground Zero - China"

The economy can no longer support the population of China. Scientists estimate in 3 years, that if they do not control the population, they will become dependent on food from foreign governments in order to survive.

The government tests a new vaccine to sterilize all new mothers so they will adhere to the one-child rule. But the vaccine mutates and starts killing everyone over 50. It is airborne and can only be destroyed by extreme heat.

One of the scientists flees china to worn the World Health Organization. China sends assassins after him to keep him from talking but they are too late.

Once the world leaders hear his testimony and confer with the CDC they decide to destroy China with a thermal nuclear weapon. But they must first get the approval of the entire United Nations! If one nation objects to the plan, then the rest of the world will remain at risk.

Wow...who knew? Two years later fiction is now fact (with the exception of the retaliatory plan).

But the school is not out on the possibility of this being a man-made biological weapon that got away. At least that's a rumor in my mind :)

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