Bloodsuckers Need Love Too!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The next name in horror returns with a new romantic horror for you to sink your teeth in. An Emperor vampire breaks the rule when he turns his daughter into a bloodsucker.

Sebastian, refusing to go through life without his beloved Bianca, voluntarily submits to her hunger. They must now kill the Emperor vampire in order to become mortal again. But they must first avoid an order of religious fanatics bent on sending them straight to hell!

I've always known when I started on my writing career that I would one day do a vampire novel. After Frankenstina was published it became inevitable.

And yes, I intend to do a werewolf one called "Werewolf Domination" sometime this year.

Stay tuned as my production rate speeds up! Let's have some fun.

Jerrimiah Stonecastle

Stonecastle Publications

"We're throwing stones at a glass house!

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