Beyond 5000

On May 15, 2020 I broke the coveted 4,000 word count threshold while writing School Bus 533 by 138 words. This was a monumental accomplishment for me. Doing so made me curious about the word count of other writers. So I decided to take a peek to see if I was in their class. And here's what I discovered.

Ernest Hemingway 500 words

Arthur Hailey 600 words

Carol Shields 600 words

Barbara Kingsolver 1000 words

Stephen King 2000 words

Anne Rice 3000 words

Arthur Conan Doyle 3000 words

Charles Hamilton 4000 words

Jerrimiah Stonecastle 5000 words

John Creasey 6000 words

Michael Crichton 10,000 words

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