A Writer Needs Five Hands

And An Army

I often wonder how do authors manage to write, design, edit, network, tweet, Instagram, Facebook, work on YouTube channel, market, respond to email, manage their book group, review other authors books, and blog in one day. I think it is very unlikely that they do it all in one day.

And if they are still working a full time job like I am, it is impossible!

I tried to do it on one of my days off from work. I got as far as responding to emails (46), managing my Facebook page, designing my next book draft and responding to LinkedIn notifications and messages.

Oh I did manage to fit in one meal with 4 cups of coffee!

Now I see why some Authors have a team of editors, proofers, illustrators, and God knows who else on their team. When I draft a general outline for a book, that takes me a minimum of four hours to complete. The outline of the individual chapter's can take weeks depending on the size of the book. The reason why is because I've found from my past books, with a thorough outline, writing the book becomes quick and painless.

So the point I'm making is that just one facet of the writing to publish process takes up a lot of time. That is why I find it amazing that proponents of "what it takes to be a great writer", who suggest tweeting or blogging daily, are actually able to do so. If they are, I suspect they are either writing full time and only getting 1.5 hours sleep per day.


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