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A Friend Indeed

A Friends Review of Frankenstina:

I wish he could have written this review on Amazon but he didn't purchase. This was a signed author copy but I wanted to share the acclaim he gave my book. It is compliments like this that make the hard work all worth it:

Dear Jerrimiah:

I can tell that your experience in the morgue had only enhanced your imaginative writing processes. You are one sick puppy! (but you already know that) Book proves it apodictically.

The dialogue is quite varied between characters; excellent in being vernacularly appropriate; and just vulgar enough to be edgy but not totally offensive. Fine character development too I think.

Gabby's picture on the cover is still too ghastly to look upon. Ugh. It's perfect.

May the Gods smile upon your continued literary endeavors and provide a plum for this chef d'oeuvre.



(sniffle) Man that was beautiful. Now if i can only get the other people who bought my book to take a few minutes to write a review I'd be very happy!

Jerrimiah Stonecastle Stonecastle Publications LLC "Throwing Stones at a Glass House"

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