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Frankenstina Reborn received her first review from a Reedsy Book Reviewer. It's posted as follows:

Must read 🏆

A Delightfully Malicious Must-Read for fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


What happens when you kill a hillbilly for a crime he didn't commit? His inbred kin folk start killing your town. What happens when a secret government lab digs up a mass murderer and brings her back to life? She starts killing your world. Frankenstina returns and she's pissed!

Frankenstina Reborn is a vicious tale of vengeance and old-school horror. Jerrimiah Stonecastle's twisted story combines a variety of horror tropes (inbred kin, mass murderers, and individuals brought back from the dead) into a devilishly delightful feast for the mind. Frankenstina Reborn is the sequel to Stonecastle's first novel Frankenstina, a tale of a girl who is bullied and mentally abused to the point of becoming a "monster". I hadn't read Frankenstina before diving into Frankenstina Reborn, but I found the second novel to be an excellent standalone novel. Stonecastle provides enough background story as to make the adjustment effortless. In this sequel, the reader is sent to a small town where the death of a hillbilly leads to an unbelievable wrath and a series of terror reminiscent to that of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - with Frankenstina in the place of the Leatherface. But don't be mistaken, while Stonecastle's story has a tone and central character similar to that of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it is a groundbreaking story on its own. Stonecastle's unique voice captures the horror of an unusual small town, while emphasizing the reasoning behind Frankenstina's wrath. While Frankenstina Reborn is a horror tale, it also highlights how one can only bear so much hate before cracking. Stonecastle's work is as much a plea to bring an end to bullying as it is a wild and gory horror adventure. I appreciated how Stonecastle took some common horror tropes and wrapped them up into an original story that also highlights the dark side of humanity. I couldn't put this book down, and I connected with Frankenstina on a deep level by empathizing with her and understanding how she became a "monster". If you are a fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or small town horror with an important message, then you are going to adore Frankenstina Reborn. This is old-school horror at its finest.


Ashley Nestler

Ashley Nestler, MSW is a multi-genre author, poet, and mental health expert. She is also an educator in writing and publishing and specializes in romance, science fiction, and horror. Ashley can often be found holed up in her room reading horror romances unapologetically.

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