2019 and Beyond

It's a new year and time to reflect on my accomplishments and failures of 2018.

There were a few milestones for me. One of them was the discovery that I can write and produce under the pressure. At the same time I discovered I do not like working on a launch date deadline. But at least I know when push comes to shove I can do it. I was happy to see that my editor was able to keep up and at times was tapping his feet waiting for me!

The good news I was able to make the launch date for Frankenstina on Halloween. Although it was not my first novel, actually my 7th, but it meant a lot to me because this was my first big novel (over 400 pages). Plus a lot of my friends, family and fans were dying to read the book. I'm glad I was able to deliver!

I also published my first YA novel. I wasn't sure if I could do it but I did and Training a Titan I was published.

Probably the most important accomplishment was taking my publishing company to the next level. Stonecastle Publications LLC is now a registered state entity. I have received two requests to publish individual manuscripts. We also have an 800 number now.

One of the biggest challenges in 2018 for me was marketing. Towards the latter part I started doing more advertising on Instagram, Amazon and Facebook via ad campaigns. I also started blogging a lot more. I also added a tumblr page to my social media platform.

What's the plan for 2019!

I missed the 2018 affair but I will not miss the 2019 one!

The fourth installment of the Frankenstina series, April should have an outline completed by the time I release Frankenstina Reborn.

I'm shooting for a launch date of, when else?

APRIL 1, 2020

And last but not least I plan to open a product line on my website that I will be showcasing at the Miami Book Fair.

Get ready for an exciting ride in 2019!

Jerrimiah Stonecastle

Stonecastle Publications LLC

"Throwing Stones at a Glass House"

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