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The Next Name in Horror!

When was the last time you read a book that you couldn't put down?


When was the last time you read a book and couldn't sleep afterward?


When was the last time you were really afraid?


You will be when you meet...



Training A Titan I

This is the first installment of the Titan series.

It is a story about a boy and a German Shepherd

who is the result of a genetic mutation that

made him twice the size of a normal German

Shepherd, and twice as smart.

UC 630 Cop or Criminal I



The first novella of the action pack thrilogy.


NYPD's most effective weapon against the drug dealers during the crack invasion of the early 1980's.

UC 630: Cop or Criminal II

ISBN-13: 978-1980233732

The second installment of the action pack thrilogy.
Watch how NYPD's #1 undercover narcotics operative descends into madness.
UC 630: Cop or Criminal III

ISBN-13: 978-1973168904

The final installment of the UC 630 series.

The leash is taken off of UC 630 in this final chapter. God help them!

Drugs to Christ
Addiction Free in 7 Days

ISBN-13: 978-1973373896


The road less traveled can prove to be the shortest way to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Learn about the 7-day program that has kept many addicts and alcoholics clean and sober for over a decade! You don't have to be a just have to believe.



A Bear Among Sheep

ISBN-13: 978-1079605143

They made a big mistake putting an animal in a prison full of killers.


All Master Gunnery Sergeant John "Bear" Walker wanted to do was to celebrate his returns from three tours overseas with his fellow marine and childhood best friend, Michael Green. But a jealous husband, a loose wife, and a group of skinheads made a quiet night at the Boars Head Tavern turn into a blood bath, where John might have won the battle, but would soon be in for the fight of his life.


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