In late 2003 I decided I wanted to be a writer. So like all new writers I went the traditional way of sending out hundreds of submissions and receiving hundreds of rejections back. Most were form letters and a few held constructive criticism and encouragement to keep on trying.

Then I became aware of the indie revolution and decided that I too wanted to be in control of my own art and my own destiny. So thru trial and error I self published my first eBook and I was hooked.

From that day forward I decided that I was going to tap into the resources of my mind and form a publishing company out of it.

Thus Stonecastle Publications was created in 2016..

I have since published 19 books and I'm currently working on my 20th novel. I also have 8 audiobooks on sale or in production.

I also have 275 titles in various stages of development waiting in the Stonecastle Library.

Stay tuned and watch our motto come to fruition.

"Throwing Stones at a Glass House"