Stonecastle Publications Mission

We are an independent, minority-owned, self-publishing company dedicated to bringing to the literary community, new and fascinating reads covering all genres.


Formed in 2013, Jerrimiah Stonecastle has self-published 25 creative products. The Stonecastle Vault, which houses the creative library, has over 270 pending manuscripts in various stages of development. We're also hoping to form a partnership with the Department of Education to create a national motivational Student Handbook for students entering high school.


We also will be accepting submissions starting in late 2019. If you have an idea and don't know how to create and self publish your books, we will do it all for you at a flat, affordable fee. We know you're just starting out and won't try to break your bank.


Our current editors and designers are also independent contractors. In 2019 we will be expanding our creative team to include marketing, and media professionals.


Come take the journey with us as we become the premier producers of best selling authors.



Creative Support

Diane Vasic                      Copy Editor

Elaine McCarthy             Line Editor




Hayley Faye                     FayeFaye Designs

Celeste Weaver                Freelance Graphic Designer


                                             WRITING TEAM

Jerrimiah Stonecastle     Indie Author

Caren Cross                       Indie Author

Erik Von Schmidt             Indie Author


Angela Nurse                    Audiobook Narrator/Editor

Craig Roberts                    Audiobook Narrator

Sam Rosenthal                 Audiobook Narrator


Thomas Anderson            Literary Titan

"Throwing Stones at a Glass House"